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Photographed by the very skilled Lea Ann
here’s the original picture..
PLUS the dress is from Detail bydetails

Here are some scans my dad sent me of the article. 
When he got to Manila the first thing he did was buy the Magazine.
Thanks DAD! :)

I got a call from Lea, the photographer who took all these amazing photos, way back saying Chalk Magazine was looking for Cebuanas with great fashion sense and she wanted me to be a part of it. I was glad that she thought of me as one of the thousands of stylish girls from Cebu! I decided to help her out on her article  since she did so much for me and my online store so I automatically suggested Kryz, Jaye, Olga and Liz  to be part of it as well. Luckily enough we all got picked by Chalk’s team to be part of the chalkwalk page. Yey! :)

Hope you guys get a copy! :)

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  • karrr

    whoaah~! amazing yan.. :D

  • gillian

    Teehee! Thanks karen :) will i see you tomorrow ? :)

  • Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream

    congrats on the feature gillian!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  • gillian

    thanks gizelle! :)

  • zahra

    wow yan, your finally doing it

  • Toni

    wow! congratulations on the feature! :)

  • Kookie B.

    congrats on the feature, Gillian! you look so pretty!

  • gillian

    @toni: thanks a bunch :)

    @kookie: thank you kookie! not as pretty as you! can’t wait to blog about the bowler hat :D