Presenting the Chic Sophisticate

By Wednesday, August 11, 2010 18 0

photographed by the great Anne Uy

modeled by the gorgeous Ayana Jimenez
styling by me (Gillian Uang)
Lighting by the forever skilled John Borga
Jewelry by Neil Felipp San Pedro
clothes by 
Detail bydetails
There’s nothing more glamorous then how you wear your clothes! You swish over that gorgeous laced dress with some sophisticated jewelry on. Tatter about with your high heels feeling every eye on you! Be the Chic Sophisticate that you are!
Grab your one of a kind items now!

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  • Jordanna

    I love the rings!

  • gillian

    thanks love. :) I bought some of the rings from SM :)

  • sPam

    SM is the best! :D I love the snake bracelet.

  • Nettie

    Love the clothes :)

  • gillian

    @pam: thanks pam! my friend is selling that! find neil felipp on fb :)

    @nettie: thanks! I’m selling them by the way. you might be interested :)

  • sPam

    Favorite are the cropped blazer and the bowed polo. Such very nice picks. <3

  • Hannah Bacalla

    I love the accessories! I want!! :) Good job you guys!! :)

  • gillian

    @spam: I love the blazer too! If this doesn’t get sold I am so keeping it! hahaha

    @hannah: thanks han! you’re turn on sunday! can’t wait <3

  • Melai

    lovely photos gillian :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  • gillian

    thanks melai :) my photographer for the concept was crazy awesome!!! glad you like it :)

  • Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream

    awesome photos!
    my favorite would have to be the last two..especially the last one — i love the camera effects..and those rings are cooool! :D

    great job to the photographer…and of course the stylist!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  • thirstythought

    love it yan! gorgeous model! great photog! who did the make up???

  • gillian

    thanks kryzziee :) can’t wait for our shoot with anne :) anne did the make up ! nice nh? PACKAGE DEAL! make up artist / photog! HAHA <3

  • gillian

    @gizelle : thanks! my fave is the one in with the large mirror. if you can see it, the reflection is doing another action while the model below is standing still <3

  • mitch

    I LOVE EVERYTHING! great styling gillian! and anney did so well!

    I saw your comment on facebook. I think you’re right! The hair is way better down! I 100% agree about the outdated thing, she might look too motherly with the hair up. Your target market are not mothers anyway. hahaha! can’t wait to see your next batch!

  • gillian

    glad we’re on the same page mitch :) everyone’s entitled to their opinions! I was just expressing mine :) Actually she was right, if the emphasis were on the jewelry the hair shouldn’t be in the way but it was a fashion spread so opted for long flowy hair :)

  • Joanna Ladrido

    such beautiful shots! snaps for you for the job well done! this is so amazing!


  • gillian

    thanks joanna :) A lot of conceptualization had to be done!